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So you can see a difference to the simple map pictures. Above all else, pay attention to how often the characters have to appear in order to trigger profits.

The scarab Although it is a small animal, the image of the scarab gained godly fame in Egypt. In Egypt he was a symbol of Chepre, the god of the rising sun. The beetle not only rolls dung balls in front of it, but also lays its eggs there. The larvae develop into beetles in the dung ball. The Egyptians were hardly aware of the connection. Hence the mystical elevation of the little beetle. For the players of Book of Ra, the beetle didn’t roll dung balls, but rather generates significant profits. From the 75-fold bet with 5 scarabs, 50% of the bet with 2 lucky beetles goes.

The statue (sky goddess Nut) The statue represents the goddess Nut. Nut stands as a symbol for the sky. The granddaughter of Ra promises everyone enormous chances of winning. It belongs to a group of symbols, including the scarab. Those who get 5 copies together can look forward to 75 times as much. 4 statues increase the money invested by a factor of ten. If the statues appear three times, the payout is 3 times the stake, 2 statues secure 50% of the stake.

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